Our Story

When I was a teenager, my daddy built a barn and pastures behind the house that I grew up in, and bought 3 Tennessee Walking horses for bird hunting.  I don’t know if he ever hunted from the back of those horses.  He passed away in 1995 and then in 2001, I bought my youngest daughter, Jennie, a Premarin foal from Canada.  I told myself that I was not really buying her a horse as much as rescuing a horse from certain death since the pharmacutical companies used the urine from pregnant horses to make the drug, Premarin.  A few years later, my sister gave me 3 Angora goats for the farm to raise wool for her to make into rugs.  We began rescuing horses, and wanted to raise and grow our own food.  The farm grew to about 15 Highlander cows, 9 Angus cows, 15 horses, chickens, a mule, and 2 donkeys. 

 In 2013, Reverend Clarence Hill came to my farm to see about boarding his horse.  We negotiated a price, and right before he left, he asked if he could pray for me.  He took my hands and said the sweetest prayer.  Two weeks later, we had a terrible fire, and the barn burned down with a total loss.  God always has a plan.  When we started to rebuild, I decided to build a hay and equipment barn.  My daughter was recently engaged, and wanted to have a dance, so I thought we might use the hay barn for her wedding.  In preparing for the wedding, we had the barn landscaped, and it was a beautiful wedding!  After rebuilding Daddy’s barn, Jennie went on Facebook and advertised the barn for rentals, and I received so many calls that I was booked up for 2015 almost right away.  That is how we got in the wedding business.  Clarence is still boarding his horse with me and now he drives our horse and carriage.  He says that God turned ashes into beauty.  We all love this business and are so thankful for all the couples choosing to get married at our Kelly chapel.